Transparent Pricing

Revolutionise the way you hire experts

Our customers are equally the hiring managers and the consultants.

We charge just 17% of day rate sales for our service and support, and we always agree the consultants sell rate with them. If the consultants cost rate goes down, we promise to pass the full reduction on.

We can also offer you the option to stand down the resource until the next stage is confirmed.

We support our associates and pay them quickly (even if we don’t get paid) and provide cover for holidays and sickness.

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Revolutionise the way you hire experts


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If we are not the best people to help we will do our best to signpost elsewhere.

whiteflare is different because we’re transparent about our consultants’ skills, location and availability. There are no mind games to maximise the selling rate or to minimise the rate passed on.

We give the option to work contingently on programme turnarounds: discounting the day rate heavily in return for a success fee when the programme is back on track. This prevents the frequent issue where a contractor wants the problem to last longer so their contract extends, but the customer needs it fixed as quickly as possible. We want it fixed as quickly as you do as we are working at cost.


Experience and Vision

The Company is REC registered to ensure compliance to the highest recruitment standards whilst retaining a programme management culture.